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SkyMax-127 (AZ5) 127mm (5") F/11.8 deluxe alt-azimuth Mak-Cass telescope

SkyMax-127 (AZ5) 127mm (5") F/11.8 deluxe alt-azimuth Mak-Cass telescopeSkyMax-127 (AZ5) 127mm (5") F/11.8 deluxe alt-azimuth Mak-Cass telescope

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Ideal no-fuss, grab-and-go telescope for easy visual astronomy as well as high-power daytime terrestrial observations!

The compact but powerful SKYMAX-127 is ideal for the observation of the intricate surface detail of the Moon and bright planets as well as brighter deep-sky targets. Its high-resolution, long focal length optical system is multi-coated to maximise contrast and image sharpness. The supplied erect-image diagonal provides an upright, fully corrected image allowing the telescope to be also used for terrestrial observing. The elegant, well-engineered and easy-to-use AZ5 deluxe and solid alt-azimuth mount provides excellent stability and precise control, via its slow motion cables, on both the horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (altitude) axes.

But don't just take our word for it - here's what one professional reviewer had to say about the SkyMax 127:

"This is one of the jewels in the Sky-Watcher’s crown. It's large enough to produce richly detailed, high-contrast lunar and planetary images... The Skymax-127 packs a performance punch with a relatively short cool-down time... For daytime terrestrial use, the instrument is quite capable of focusing down to 8 metres"

Ade Ashford,


Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x60 & x150

Highest practical power (potential): x254

Diameter of primary mirror: 127mm

55% more light gathering than 102mm

Telescope focal length: 1500mm (f/11.8)

Eyepieces supplied: 10mm & 25mm

6x30 finderscope

90º erect-image diagonal 1.25"

AZ5 deluxe alt-azimuth mount & aluminium tripod with accessory tray

Mount rotation angle (continuous): 360° (azimuth), -50° to + 90° (altitude)

Height range of tripod/mount (excl OTA): 86.5cm - 158.5cm

Total overall weight: 8.6kg

Great value Maksutov-Cassegrain, ideal for observing the Moon and planets!

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