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Super Plössl Eyepieces (6.3mm to 40mm)

Super Plössl Eyepieces  (6.3mm to 40mm)

290 kr

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Super Plössl general purpose eyepieces

Fully Multi-coated optics (FMC), 4 elements, 50 to 52 deg apparent field of view (AFOV).

The Sky Watcher range of Super Plössl eyepieces feature modern compact design with well-made all-metal bodies and FMC coated optics - the nine model range is ideal for all telescopes. The nose-pieces are threaded for standard filters.

These modern Super Plössl eyepieces offer the observer a high standard of performance and eye-comfort. The four element design produces sharp, bright images across a wide FOV evenly from centre to edge. These Super Plössls are excellent eyepiece for extended detail seen in planetary and Lunar observing and are excellent for deep-sky observing also. The Sky Watcher Super Plössl works well with Barlow lenses for high-powered observing.

Stjarnhuset comment:

The Super Plössl has become the eyepiece of choice for the modern observer - and with good reason. The SPL offers excellent performance across a generous apparent field of view and offers medium to long eye-relief to observers wearing spectacles. The modern compact design of these eyepieces make them convenient and easy to use - very little refocussing is needed when switching between focal lengths within the range.

Nine models are available in the following focal lengths:










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Super Plössls eyepieces for sharp, full-field viewing.

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