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STARTRAVEL-80 80mm EQ1 teleskop

STARTRAVEL-80 80mm EQ1 teleskop

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STARTRAVEL-80 EQ1 teleskop

Vårat Startravel 80 teleskop 80mm (3,1 ") f/5 refraktor är perfekt för nykomlingar inom astronomi, eller de som vill kombinera portabilitet med bra optiska prestanda. Populärt som ett reseteleskop för grab-and-go astronomi och för användning som ett guideteleskop. Optiskt sätt är detta teleskop bättre än dess pris antyder!

Startravel 80 är en prisvärd och kort vidvinkelrefraktortub med många ändamål

Astronomiskt teleskop

Guidetub (t.ex. ihop med guidekamera)

Tubkikare för natur och fågelskådning

Teleobjektiv till digital systemkamera (T-ring behövs. Se rekomenderade tillbehör nedan)

Optisk tub för digiscoping


Förstoringar (med medföljande okular): X16, X32, x40, x80

Objektiv linsdiameter: 80mm

Brännvidd: 400mm (f/5)

Medföljande Okular (1.25"): 10mm och 25mm

X2 Barlow lins

90° Diagonal (1.25")

6x30 sökare

EQ1 montering

Mer om teleskopet (på engelska):

Sky Watcher Startravel-80 (EQ1) 3.1 inch f.400 refractor

The Startravel 80mm telescope has a two element, air spaced, multi coated objective lens making this scope a true performer for Rich-Field views of star fields, clusters, nebulae, bright galaxies as well as high powered planetary and lunar observations. You can even use the Startravel 80 for excellent terrestrial views.

This Classic 80mm refractor is an ideal scope for the whole family to get started in astronomy and has a superb 80mm (3.1") air-spaced achromatic doublet primary lens and comes supplied with a well-engineered German equatorial mount with fully geared manual slow-motion hand controls on each axis (upgradable to electric drive if required)and a rigid aluminium full height field tripod (just the tripod and mount is amazing and looks like it would cost over 1500 kr on its own!).

Supplied with the Startravel 80mm kit are Two excellent eyepieces - 10mm, and 25mm (see below for full specification) giving a useful range of magnifications from high to a lower power (wide-angle). The instruction manual (in well-written English!) which is also fully illustrated.

To help find your way among the stars and constellations there's a high quality optical finder!

This outfit is one of our best astronomy starter kits - in fact, all you will need to supply is a clear night!

Telescope specifications

Primary lens: Air-spaced achromatic doublet

Focal length: 400mm

Aperture: 80mm (f5)

Magnification with supplied eyepieces:

16x,32x, 40x, and 80x.

Mounting: German equatorial with dual-axis manual slow motions


Tube material: Aluminium.

Magnifications with optics supplied x16, x32, x40, x80

Highest Practical Power Potential x160

Objective Lens Diameter 80mm Telescope Focal Length: 400mm (f/5)

Eyepieces Supplied 1.25 inch 10mm & 25mm

x2 Barlow Lens 1.25"

6x30 Finderscope

1.25 inch 31.7mm Star Diagonal

Multi Coated Objective Lens

EQ1 Equatorial Mount

Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray

77% more Light Gathering than 60mm

Highly portable refractor

Highly portable refractor

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