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Systemkamera-adapter för tubkikare

Systemkamera-adapter för tubkikare

199 kr

Rekommenderade tillbehör
T-ringadapters till systemkameror
T-ringadapters till systemkameror
100 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 199 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

Please note: An additional T-thread camera mounting ring is required to allow use of this adaptor with any specific camera. See 'Recommended accessories' below left.

This useful single 62mm T thread extension tube will allow you to attach SLR cameras (via T adaptor sold sepeartly) to many spotting scopes. The adaptor is designed for use with the OVL Visiomar 60mm and Sky Watcher Visiomar 60mm spotting-scopes.

The tube has a useful length of 62mm and is made from black anodised aluminium and has a male T thread at one end and female T thread at the other.

For use with cameras and any device that uses standard T-threads.

A useful 62mm T extension tube

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