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Acuter kraftigt bordsstativ med manuella slow-motionkontroller

Acuter kraftigt bordsstativ med manuella slow-motionkontroller

359 kr

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This solid all metal table-top tripod is ideal for table and hide use.

A well proportioned and versatile table-top tripod for use with a wide range of spotting scopes and cameras. The tripod has a lightweight aluminium construction and features precise height control and slow-motion altitude control.

The Acuter tabletop tripod features a slow motion head that allows micro controlled movements of the telescope in altitude (up and down). For quick target aquisition a slipping cluth and separate lock knob allows the telscope to be moved to new positions without useing the manual slow-motion control.

The manual slow-motion is very useful for target spotting for long range shooting as well a ship tracking. This is aso a very useful feature if you intend to use a telescope for astronomy as the tracking slow-motion movement allow the user to cancel-out the effects of the constantly rotating Earth while observing!

The top platform gas a standard 1/4" Whitworth camera and telescope fitting screw and can be used with virtually every telescope with a tripod fitting point (and binocular with a suitable bracket).

Maximum height: 382mm

Minimum height: 290mm

Hide shelf width: 265mm (the width of a shelf or top required for safe tripod positioning with legs fully spread).

Weight: 688g

A highy useful mini-tripod for general observing and astronomy.

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