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First Evolution aluminiumstativ med supermjuk panorerings- och vippmekanism

First Evolution aluminiumstativ med supermjuk panorerings- och vippmekanismFirst Evolution aluminiumstativ med supermjuk panorerings- och vippmekanism

749 kr

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This highly portable full height field tripod features a ultra smooth pan & tilt head with a special wide re-positionable handle and altitude clutch control knob. The Evolution also has a quick release plate - flick a lever and the telescope or camera can be removed instantly.

A B: The Evolution head features a special adjustable handle that can be position to the left or right of the spotting scope or camera making target finding and following very comfortable and easy. The handle can also be used to carry the tripod.

C: The large quick-reease(75mm x 52mm) head platform flips through 90 degrees as required to position telescope or camera as conveniently as possible.

D: To aid rigidity the legs have a folding centre-stay with a a twist-to-lock knob.

The tripod is made from lightweight ABS and aluminium and weighs in at only 1600g!

The centre column height (32cm) is geared and controlled by a conveniently placed folding crank handle. The tripod will easily hold spotting scopes, binoculars (with additional bracket) and cameras up to 4 kilos in weight (typical 80mm binoculars or spotting scopes up to 100mm).

The Evolution is an ideal tripod for spotting scopes or larger binoculars with a support bracket.

What's so great about the Evolution tripod?

The tripod is smooth operating and tough but of lightweight design and is still strong and maintains its rigidity even at full height. The three-legged section and rising centre column design brings its full height up to 1.5m from a fully collapsed height of only 53cm.


Maximum height: 1500mm

Minimum height: 520mm

Weight: 1600g

Carrying capacity: 4kg

A great tripod for binoculars and all medium to large sized spotting scopes!

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