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Kood 6000 aluminiumstativ för kikare och tubkikare

Kood 6000 aluminiumstativ för kikare och tubkikareKood 6000 aluminiumstativ för kikare och tubkikareKood 6000 aluminiumstativ för kikare och tubkikare

200 kr

Pris inklusive moms: Förut: 399 kr NU: 200 kr
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This highly portable full height field tripod features a smooth pan & tilt head with over-sized altitude clutch control knob, a quick release plate - flick a lever and the telescope or camera can be removed instantly. The head platform flips through 90 degrees as required to telescope position as convenient as possible.

The spotting scope shown in the pictures is for illustration only and is not included in the price.

This tripod fits all digital cameras, SLR's and compacts.

The tripod is made from lightweight ABS and aluminium and is our lightest full height tripod weighing in at only 1700g! The tripod features a centre stay or leg-brace system that locks into position with a twist-knob (see picture).

The centre column height is controlled by a conveniently placed folding crank handle (pictured). The tripod will easily hold spotting scopes, binoculars (with additional bracket) and cameras up to 3.5 kilos in weight.

A great "astro" and hide use feature of this full sized tripod is the ballast hook fitted underneath the centre column (see picture detail). The ballast hook allows some form of weight (small sand or water filled bucket, even a carrier bag with a few beers!) to be attached to the tripod to increase its mass and so minimise vibrations and movement. Ideal tripod for medium to large sized spotting scopes or larger binoculars with a support bracket. Supplied with heavy duty nylon carry-bag with shoulder strap.

What's so great about the Kood 6000 tripod?

In a word - weight, or rather, the lack of it! The tripod is of an ultra-lightweight design but is still strong and rigid even at full height. The three-legged monopod? A great in-the-field use of the tripod is to close the legs together (with a rubber band or velcro strap etc) and use it as a monopod! The tripod is more than light enough to be used this way and carried around with the spotting scope,binocular or camera attached, with the great added benefit over a normal monopod, that at a moments notice it can be turned into a tripod again!


Maximum height: 1610mm

Minimum height: 680mm

Weight: 1700g

Carrying capacity: 3.5kg

A economical tripod for small to medium sized spotting scopes!

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