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Monster Pod finurligt kompakt stativ

Monster Pod finurligt kompakt stativMonster Pod finurligt kompakt stativMonster Pod finurligt kompakt stativ

159 kr

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Pris inklusive moms: 159 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

Our lowest ever price on the Monster Pod Deluxe while stocks last!

The Monster Pod - ultra portable alternative to the tripod. A camera support that sticks to - almost anything.

Tired of being left out of your own pictures?

Weary of carrying bulky tripods?

You need a Monster Pod.

To the uninitiated, the 125mm (5") diameter disc shaped 'pod' looks like it might be just a giant suction-cup with a mini ball & socket head attached.

In fact, flip the Monster Pod over and underneath the flexible silicone body you'll see a orange coloured Visco-elastic Morphing Polymer. You can see how soft the polymer or Pod-Goo (as the manufacturer likes to call it) is in the middle picture, the material can be kneaded and shaped like dough. This novel technology allows the Monster Pod to create a powerful vacuum when pressed into contact with almost any surface.

The Monster Pod securely sticks to:

A: Smooth surfaces. No challenge for the Monster Pod here, all grease free smooth or painted surfaces can be used.

B: Rough surfaces. Most rough surfaces, without loose debris, a rough painted ceiling is shown in the photo. Any sound rock or brick surface.

C:Surfaces with regular air gaps and cavities On the radio! The photo shows the Monster Pod easily adhering to the loudspeaker grill of a radio, the pod will even stick to wire mesh!.

D: Furry surface of ginger cats. Er, actually no. Our limited study would suggest that the Monster Pod will not adhere to ginger cats for more than a few seconds and this finding can probably be extended to cats of all colours - but it will stick to virtually everything else!

The swivel head rotates through 360 degrees and is adjustable for stiffness. The Monster Pod will easily hold up to 560g (so will hold even larger digital cameras). The safe holding force varies with the surface and can be anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes on a rough surface to all day on a smoother one.

Monster Pod sticks brilliantly to almost anything (except cats)!

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