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Sky-Watcher Okular Super-MA Series

Sky-Watcher Okular Super-MA Series

75 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 75 kr
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Sky-Watcher Super-MA Series Eyepieces from only 75 kr

The modified achromat series of eyepieces offer a good standard of performance in a very affordable package. Designed for telescopes with mid-range to long f/ratio, these oculars have features usually found only in more expensive designs.

These Super Eyepieces incorporate a fold-down rubber eye-shield, fully coated optics and outstanding field correction.

  • Design: Modified Achromat, fully coated
  • Focal lengths: 25mm, 10mm & 3.6mm
  • Eyepiece Barrels: 1.25"/31.7mm Format
  • Apparent Field of view: 52 degrees (25mm and 10mm), 40 degrees (3.6mm)

Great for mid-range & long focal length telescopes!

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