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Vacker 3-tums klassisk utsiktskikare i mässing (deluxe-modell)

Vacker 3-tums klassisk utsiktskikare i mässing (deluxe-modell) Vacker 3-tums klassisk utsiktskikare i mässing (deluxe-modell) Vacker 3-tums klassisk utsiktskikare i mässing (deluxe-modell)

9 495 kr

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If you have a window or conservatory with a view, this handsome observation telescope, with a perfect marriage of old fashioned looks and up-to-date modern optics, is an ideal compliment.

The Fine Brass 3 inch (80mm) observation telescope, features high performance bright modern fully coated optics in an antique look brass body with full height heavy-duty real Mahogany tripod.

The solid brass and wood construction is beautifully crafted and hand polished to evoke the workmanship and materials of a more elegant bygone age.

Yesteryear looks but with the latest razor sharp 80mm modern optics. If this telescope only "looked" good we wouldn't be selling it! The yesteryear looks hide bang up-to-date modern high-quality fully-coated optics. A telescope has to do more than look good, it has to perform - and well. This great instrument looks at home against any window with a view and it will provide bright high resolution views of anything you care to point it at: from birds or other wildlife in your garden to the Moon's freezing mountains or the remote icy rings of Saturn.

The Fine Brass 3 inch features a bright and comfortable to use 28x eyepiece and easy to use helical focuser (like a camera lens). The instrument snaps in to focus with a lightest twist of the helical focuser, ensuring you don't miss a thing.

The designers took a classic 3 inch long-range terrestrial observation telescope, gave it an easy to use and comfortable eyepiece then packaged the optics in a tasteful and elegant old-fashioned telescope look.

This classic 3 inch refractor benefits from an up to date makeover and features a fully adjustable full-height all Mahogany and solid brass tripod with manual movements for easy target finding.

What's so great about the Fine Brass 3 inch?

You only have to glance at this deluxe instrument to see what it's main point of interest is - the fine heirloom look! The polished mahogany and brass do a good job and easily convince that this is either a miraculously unused or lovingly restored antique telescope. And it's a look without optical compromise. The classic 3 inch optics make this instrument a stand out winner when compared with smaller aperture instruments. The views are clear and bright - the fully anti-reflection coated optics providing pin sharp high contrast views. The thing about old telescopes (same thing with antique cars and cameras) they can be disappointing in terms of performance. But there's no downside with this super 3 inch scope - the optics are spot-on and will hold there own against any of our premium 80mm aperture achromatic scopes.


Lens diameter: 80mm (3")

Length of telescope main tube: 1016mm (40")

Magnification: 28x

Focus control: Helical twist

Mount: red Copper and Brass Altazimuth arc

Tripod: Full height Mahogany (heavy duty) with brass leg brace.

Designed to grace the library, conservatory or drawing room of a fine house - this display telescope is perfect for terrestrial and basic astronomy use.

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