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Sky-Watcher polsökare för EQ3

Sky-Watcher polsökare för EQ3Sky-Watcher polsökare för EQ3

595 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 595 kr
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Designed for EQ3-2 mounts only.

The construction is all metal (aluminium) with a fully focusing eyepiece.

The reticule is shown on the lower picture we've shot (not brilliant, done by balancing the polar scope on the front lens of our camera) through the scope and it shows the sharp clear reticule with a constellation orientation guide.

Simply fit the polar scope into the RA socket, set the correct register position for your observing time and adjust the mount to place Polaris the pole star in the small ring (shown in the picture on the rim of the larger ring), and your polar alignment is done! This will be good enough for all visual applications and most short-duration (or wide-field) astrophotography.

Painless polar alignment for your EQ3

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