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12mm illuminated reticule 1.25" eyepiece

12mm illuminated reticule 1.25" eyepiece12mm illuminated reticule 1.25" eyepiece

795 kr

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New - 12mm Kellner wireless illuminated reticule eyepiece. Ideal for high powered PEC and drive motor training (Meade ETX, LX90, LX200 etc) and guiding for astro-photography. Top-quality and engineering.

The cross-hair is twin-parrallel lines, ultra-finely engraved onto glass and has a smooth helical focuser to keep the reticule pinsharp for all users (see lower photo shot through eyepiece - please note that the picture is not very good and does not do the reticule justice!).

The pure red LED illuminator has variable brightness control and is supplied with batteries.

Clear optics and superior high-power guiding

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