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Red Spot LED finder with standard two hole base

Red Spot LED finder with standard two hole base

450 kr

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This finder is fitted with a two hole standard finder base and will fit most telescopes equipped with two threaded mounting studs. The studs can be as far apart as 28mm to as close as 14mm (measured centre to centre).

The great thing about this red-dot reflex finder is that it is non-magnifying and allows you to accurately point the telescope with both eyes open.

Unlike optical finders, you don't need to get your eye close to it - you can look along the telescope tube at almost any convenient distance to see the red-dot apparently projected on the sky. The finder doesn't actually project the dot on the sky, but creates a clever optical illusion that by looking through the rear of the finder, it appears that the red dot is on the sky.

This is probably the easiest type of finder to use for anyone new to using a telescope, but is extremely useful to experienced astronomers as well - a pretty unusual combination!

Once fitted the finder body can be removed quickly from a built in mini-dovetail mount allowing the mounting stem to remain in position when the telescope is stored. Supplied complete with battery.

A universal fitting plate is available for this item.

A super easy to use non-optical finder

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