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Rengöringskit Pro för optik, 10 delar

Rengöringskit Pro för optik, 10 delarRengöringskit Pro för optik, 10 delarRengöringskit Pro för optik, 10 delar

145 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 145 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

Normally 275 kr this versatile and comprehensive optics cleaning kit can be widely applied to the cleaning and maintenance of most optical equipment (Telescope, eyepieces, primary lenses, Barlows, microscopes and photographic equipment etc).

Maintenance and cleaning kit contents:

1x Large silicone rubber air blaster with large non-return valve situated at rear and clear blaster tube with soft silicone tip.

1x Large soft natural-fibre brush in retractable 'Lipstick' type case.

1x anti-static micro-fibre cleaning cloth,

1x bottle anti-static cleaning solution,

1x 6 piece precision screwdriver set in plastic storage case: set comprises 4 flat screwdrivers ranging in size from 1mm to 2.4mm and 2 Phillips type screwdrivers 3mm and 3.5mm. These all metal screwdrivers are ideal for adjusting T mounts and other essential maintenance tasks.

Keep your optics in A1 order!

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