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2.7m full height observatory dome

2.7m full height observatory dome2.7m full height observatory dome2.7m full height observatory dome

62 500 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 62 500 kr
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Pulsar Observatories high quality 2.7 metre dome will benefit from the following advanced features:

Finest quality GRP finish

High quality locking system

Simpler design for self assembly

Motorised dome rotation available

Motorised dome shutters available

Compatable for remote operation

Ideal for larger telescopes and a variety of installations, also ideal for societies, schools, etc.

For extra comfort and convenience the Pulsar Observatory Domes provide a high quality, practical housing for your telescope. Not only do they provide weather protection for you and your telescope, they allow you to have your instruments ready for use at all times, adding greatly to your enjoyment of observing the night sky.

The 2.7 metre observatory dome is constructed of glass fibre, and is available as a full height observatory, or dome only for roof installation.

Dimensions are as follows:

Total Height approx 2.7 metres

Dome Diameter approx 2.6 metres

Door Height approx 1.2 metres

Dome Aperture approx 0.7 metres

Suitable for telescopes up to at least 16inch Aperture.

The observatory dome is sectional in design, and delivered in kit form. Alternatively, we can provide a complete installation service for you. Ring for details.

Customer Requirements:

The customer will need to provide a level concrete base to ensure secure fixing and dome operation.

Various upgrades and accessories are currently being developed.

We can also supply a steel pier, that will complete the permanent installation of your telescope, giving you more space within the dome than your existing tripod. The pier can be delivered and installed with your observatory, if ordered together.

Available as dome and track only for flat roof installation.

Still the lowest priced GRP observatory of this size!

Installation available please call for pricing information.

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

There will be a delivery charge for the observatory, price according to location - please call for detail.

Please note all Pulsar Observatories products are subject to a 3% surcharge when paid by card, for alternative payment options, please contact us.

Ideal for societies, schools, etc.

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