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No 82A 1.25" colour filter

No 82A 1.25" colour filter

149 kr

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No 82A light blue colour filter to fit 1.25" filter threads (70% transmission). A great filter to enhance the detail on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and ideally suited to even the smallest instrument as the pale blue color enhances areas of low contrast and avoids significant reduction of overall light level at the same time. It pulls out festoon, barge and rill detail in Jupiter's cloud belts and Great Red Spot and will help pick out elusive detail in Saturn's cloud belts and polar regions. Can be used to improve seperation of double stars. Try this one to split Antares - both the 80A or the 82A work quite well for this.

Can be used on bright galaxies, particularly face-on spirals to enhance spiral arm detail.

The filter is made of top quality optical glass and is mounted in a black anodised aluminium holder and is supplied in plastic storage case.

The Swiss Army knife of colour filters for the smaller instrument!

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