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Merlin Deluxe Multi-Function telescope mounting and tripod

Merlin Deluxe Multi-Function telescope mounting and tripodMerlin Deluxe Multi-Function telescope mounting and tripod

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New! Merlin Deluxe electronic tracking mount (please note this item is mounting, tripod only and does not include a telescope).

Now you can get the amazing features of a electronic tracking mount for use with your own telescope! This stunning telescope mounting will give your scope amazing tracking functions and allow you to find and follow terrestrial targets (animals, ships etc) with stunning ease and allow you to track astronomy targets by counteracting the rotation of the Earth completely automatically.

Included The Merlin Deluxe is supplied with a full height tripod.

For night time use the buttons of the handset are illuminated with a soft red glow.

Astro Track mode Simply press two buttons together to switch the Merlin MF mount to astronomy mode and the on-board motors automatically compensate for the constant rotation of the Earth so that the object (planet, galaxy etc) appears stationary in the eyepiece of your telescope and allows you to study it in detail.

Ideal mount for all small scopes Ideal for use with all spotting scopes, most small astro telescopes and is particularly suited for use with specialist solar observation telescopes like the Coronardo PST.


Quick-release fork arm mount for quick no-tools set up.

Sturdy stainless steel tripod included.

Supplied complete with sturdy 90 degree quick-release dovetail plate (base plate 150mm long)

Reliable patented encoder-control technology.

Fast and easy level north alignment process.


MOUNT: Motorized Alt-azimuth

TRIPOD: Steel and aluminium

TRACKING RATES Three terrestrial tracking modes and One Sidereal mode with two target finding and slewing speeds

Standard right angle dovetail bar (150mm long)included (others available separately)

At last an affordable versatile electronic mount for your telescope!

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