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Bresser WIFI Camera 1.3MP 1.25"

Bresser WIFI Camera 1.3MP 1.25"Bresser WIFI Camera 1.3MP 1.25"

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The Bresser WIFI Camera 1.3MP 1.25" is a fully wireless astronomical camera system, designed to image the Moon, Sun (with appropriate filtration) and brighter planets. Featuring a WLAN-Standard: 802.11bgn wireless link, this camera has a 1/4” 1.3M CMOS Sensor with 1280x1024 Pixels (with a 2.79µm pixel size) capable of recording at up to 30fps when tethered via USB to Windows 8 and 10 Camera application, or AMCAP (for Windows 7 and lower) or wirelessly to the "WifiCamera-Telescope" App (iOS or Android).

The Bresser WIFI Camera 1.3MP 1.25" is powered via 4x AA batteries (user supplied) for Wifi use on Android or iOS devices, but can also be tethered and linked to a PC via a USB Cable (supplied). An extension tube for easy focusing with standard 1.25"-equipped telescopes is also included.

The Bresser WIFI Camera 1.3MP 1.25" uses a transfer lens in order to get light to its imaging chip. The use of this transfer lens means that users are able to get full Solar disk views out of potentially difficult to image through telescopes such as the Coronado PST.

In order to use the camera with Android devices, please download the Bresser Wifi Camera app from this location:


Wifi-Range ~ 10m

Image output size: 2560x1440 (interpolated), 1280x720, 1152x864, 640x480 Pixel

Video output size: 1920x1080 (~24fps), 320x240 (~30fps) Pixel

WLAN-Standard: 802.11bgn

Power source: Mini-USB +5V , 4 x LR6 (AA)

Power consumtion: 200mA (with Wifi: 350mA)

Camera barrel diameter: 1.25" ( 31.7mm)

CMOS Sensor: 1.4” 1.3M CMOS Sensor

Physical Chip resolution:1280x1024 Pixel

Chipsize: 3,67x2,96 mm

Pixelsize: 2,79µm

1GB memory card for IOS included

Extension tube for easy focusing included

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