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Bresser 4x 60mm Standlupe magnifier

Bresser 4x 60mm Standlupe magnifier

63 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 63 kr
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This large clear acrylic Lupe magnifier has a generous 60mm 4x magnifying lens mounted in a handsome crystal clear body that allows daylight and other ambient light to fully illuminate the target.

The clear flat base carries a pin sharp 40mm measuring scale divided into centimeters, half-centimeters and millimeters.

The Bresser Standlupe magnifier is perfect for a wide range of close up viewing tasks and is especially suited to viewing and measuring flat, typically, paper targets: stamps, banknotes and other documents but it is also effective when used to examine coins and other similar low profile targets.

Ideal for stamp and banknote collectors and measuring drawings etc.

A serious magnifier with high magnification

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