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Bresser 2.5x LED illuminated hand magnifier

Bresser 2.5x LED illuminated hand magnifierBresser 2.5x LED illuminated hand magnifierBresser 2.5x LED illuminated hand magnifier

220 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 220 kr
Lagerstatus: Kan beställas

Ultra-modern design magnifier with eight built-in LEDs which allows full use of the magnifier in low light conditions and helps viewing of the magnified detail even in good light.

It has two modes, one press of the button lights 4 LEDs - press again for even brighter 8 LEDs, press again for off (Oh alright then, three modes!).

Supplied in deluxe storage and presentation case.

High-quality deluxe magnifier with all metal construction and large clear 55mm high-quality glass lens giving 2.5x magnification.

Stjärnhuset comment: This really is a handsome gadget and makes a fine gift. The hand magnifier has old-fashioned quality and really feels like something that might have been made 50 years ago - it's only when you press the soft rubber button and the ultra-white LEDs light up that you're reminded this is a modern state-of-the-art product.

The Bresser 2.5x LED magnifier is over-built and solid and it's a quality you can feel in your hand. The workmanship and finish is outstanding and the final effect is product that could sell for several times the offered price.

A serious high-quality magnifier with LED illumination

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