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Bresser 1.5x and 3x 104mm hands free magnifier

Bresser 1.5x and 3x 104mm hands free magnifierBresser 1.5x and 3x 104mm hands free magnifier

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Large hands-free magnifier with 104mm 1.5x lens (ideal for reading) as well as a 20mm 3x magnification insert lens and a built-in light which allows full use of the magnifier in all lighting conditions and helps viewing of the text even in good light.

Cushioned braces and an a thick adjustable neck cord stabilise the magnifier against the users chest.

High-quality deluxe magnifier with large clear 104mm high quality lens (that's well over 4 inches in old money!) giving 1.5x magnification, but a clever 20mm insert in to the main lens that gives you an extra magnification option to 3x!

Illumination operates on 2x AA 1.5V batteries.

Our comment: This is a great product especially for people who find the increasing use of small print annoying. We've tested the product and can confirm that it makes reading easier even if you have good eyesight! Works even with your reading glasses if required.

Supplied in picture carton with neck cord.

A serious high-quality magnifier with two magnifications and LED illumination

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