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Lenspen Classic unikt rengöringssystem för all optik

Lenspen Classic unikt rengöringssystem för all optik

105 kr

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The success of the Lens Pen system for use with camera lenses is now generally well known. The classic Lens Pen has been created with the larger optical surface in mind.

The large 11mm diameter cleaning tip is ideal for use with telescope and binoclar objectives.

The Lens Pen is safe to use on all lenses (including coated and multi-coated).

It has a unique (patented) flexible cleaning tip that is impregnated (automatically replenishing!) with a special cleaning compound that will not spill or dry out.

The effect of the Lens Pen on finger marks and grease spots is near magical - they just vanish! The retractable soft brush is ideal for removing loose debris before cleaning proper is commenced.

The Lens Pen is large enough to clean binocular and telescope objectives and large enough to tackle SCT correctors also!

Simply replacing the cap and giving it a twist restores the non-liquid cleaning compound ready for your next use!

New magic Lens Pen for larger optics!

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