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Extra stor blåsbälg i silikon

Extra stor blåsbälg i silikonExtra stor blåsbälg i silikonExtra stor blåsbälg i silikon

30 kr

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This highly effective silicone bulb air blower is nearly 125mm long and has a 50mm long clear plastic snout with a soft silicone rubber tip.

The silicone bulb is ultra soft and pliable and a gentle squeeze produces a strong, controllable jet of air. The extra-large non-return valve situated at the rear of the bulb ensures that debris displaced from your optics are not sucked back into the blower!

The the large silicone rubber air blaster features a large non-return valve situated at the rear of the bulb and clear clear blaster tube with soft silicone tip to protect your optics against accidental contact during use.

So what's so great about the Large silicone air blaster?

Although this air blaster is no bigger than models we have sold in the past, the use of ultra pliant silicone rubber in the design of the bulb has led to a greatly improved air stream. The bulb is extremely soft and easy to squeeze and as a result a larger amount of air can be displaced steadily (compared with other models with stiffer squeeze-bulbs). This improved performance is further augmented by an unusually large non-return valve. The valve membrane is larger and, like the bulb, softer and easier to displace - this allows the air to enter the bulb quicker and in larger volumes than the more basic valves found in other blowers. The result is an air-blaster that re-inflates almost instantly when released and effortlessly allows a steady and effective air stream to be generated with minimum effort (and therefore, offers greater control in use).

Another great feature of this blaster is the soft silicone tip to the air output tube. The soft tip ensures that even in the event of a slip allowing contact between the lens and the air tube, no harm will be done to even the most fragile anti-reflection coatings. Easily the best air-blaster we've seen and it features in our 10 piece kit listed close to where you found this item.

A safe, simple and effective way to remove loose debris from all lenses!

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