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PÅ KÖPET med detta superfina paket - handboken Stargazing with Binoculars
Denna välskrivna och rikt illustrerade handbok på 208 sidor av Robin Scagell, värd 85 kr, är det perfekta tillbehöret till detta kanonfina astronomikikarpaket - du får den på köpet när du beställer! (läs mer)

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ScopeTeknix Binoflex ST50 kikarmontering med spegel

ScopeTeknix Binoflex ST50 kikarmontering med spegelScopeTeknix Binoflex ST50 kikarmontering med spegelScopeTeknix Binoflex ST50 kikarmontering med spegel

995 kr

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The Binoflex - overall winner in the BBC Sky at Night magazine binocular mounting review!

The most comfortable and precise way to observe the night sky with binoculars.

Please note, none of the binoculars shown are included in the price.

The new Binoflex completely eliminates all the neck bending and discomfort associated with looking up into the sky with binoculars by quite literally turning things upside down by using a high quality surface aluminised mirror to reflect the image upward before viewing at the binocular.

The practical upshot of this is that the binocular points downward and is always in a supremely comfortable position for the observer. In fact, a large hand-knob, making it easy to operate with gloved hands, (see fig 6) allows you to tilt the mirror smoothly and sweep the sky in altitude from the horizon to a point overhead without any movement of the binocular at all! Sweeping the sky in azimuth (left right rotation)is achieved by simply rotating the whole mount - but however you move the mount or mirror the binocular stays at the same angle relative to the observer.

Steady views and more

Of course, putting user comfort to one side for a moment, with the Binoflex you get all of the viewing advantages you would normally get with a traditional binocular mounting: the steady image allows for much better appreciation of detail and faint nebulae etc, but the Binoflex gives you so much more! The sheer comfort of the Binoflex keeps you at the eyepieces longer, your eyes get a chance to relax into the view, to truly look through the binos rather than be irritated by them and the angle the observer is forced to hold them at.

Works with nearly all binos

The Binoflex is universal and can be used with virtually every binocular fitted with a tripod mounting point (fig 8 shows mounting point). It has a wide range of accommodation for variation in binocular body length (see fig 1,2, & 7). The large surface aluminised mirror measures 99mm x 202mm and allows a wide variation in binocular size to be used with the mount. The mirror can be locked and the amount of resistance felt when tilting the mirror can be adjusted via a screw control (see fig 5).

The Binoflex is supremely convenient; your binos can be left in place and the whole unit can be placed on any garden table-top for grab-and-go viewing anytime (see fig 9) or it can be attached on any good larger photographic tripod. In fact the Binoflex binocular mounting is the most convenient device of its type in the world and can be placed on any flat surface just 80mm x 220mm - making it ideal for use almost anywhere.

The small size and ultra rigid design of the Binoflex gives it a special appeal to disabled astronomers. The small foot-print makes it ideal for placement on wheelchair tables and, unlike traditional binocular mountings; a great deal of steadying force can be applied to the binoculars when fitted to the mount without impairing its performance.


The Binoflex is of all metal construction (steel and aluminum) and has a built-in tripod mounting base plate threaded for standard 1/4" and 3/8" fittings (see fig 3 just visible btm right). The Binoflex is supplied with a metal mirror protector for storage and transport (seen removed in fig 1 & 4 and in place in fig 3) as well as full instructions.

Mirror size: 99mm x 202mm

Although the Scopeteknix Binoflex is a new product, it is manufactured in the UK by a well known astro accessory manufacturer who has a long experience in making these type of binocular mountings (but at a much higher price!).

Stjärnhuset personal comment

I've used the Binoflex with a wide variety of binoculars almost every clear night for a couple of weeks and I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer convenience of use and the amazing quality of the views! You can sit at a table comfortably looking down into your binoculars with a red torch, a cup of tea and a star atlas - it feels a bit like the comfort of using a microscope - you feel relaxed, you spend longer at the eyepieces and as a result you just seem to see so much more. You can easily refer to reference material and you can also push your eyes into the eyepieces with more force than you can with the usual type of binocular mounting and this seems to intensify the quality and contrast of the view still further.

This is without doubt one of the best gadgets we've ever seen for observing the stars with binoculars - I'm not sure there is anything else that can deliver views of this quality combined with observer comfort. But I'm certain that there is nothing available at this great price that can touch it for sheer fun and observing pleasure!

Simply the best way to observe the stars with binoculars - period.

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