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Galaktiska smycken i urval (halsband, ringar, nyckelringar)

Pris inklusive moms: Förut: 155 kr NU: 78 kr
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Galaktiska smycken i urval (halsband, ringar, nyckelringar)Galaktiska smycken i urval (halsband, ringar, nyckelringar)Galaktiska smycken i urval (halsband, ringar, nyckelringar)

78 kr

This selection of just nine items from the extensive range that we hold at our shop. For price and ordering please select from drop-down menu above.

1. Star necklace The simple classic beauty of a silver star set with a coloured crystal.

2. Compass wind rose keyring The magnetic compass is the primary guidance tool used throughout history by sailors, adventurers and travellers. The Chinese invented the compass around 2500 BC and Marco Polo brought it to Europe. This silver keyring features a fully functioning oil damped magnetic compass.

3. Stellar Moon This pendant, evocative of the optimism of a dark clear starry sky, has a cluster of stars cradled in the arms of a shimmering silver Moon.

4. Compass star necklace This design captures the spirit of the ancient guidance tool known as "Compass Polaris", - the star that points to the North.

5. Universal Sundial Practical and beautiful equinoctial sundial type, designed for use in both hemispheres.

6. Margarita Yes or No necklace This necklace reminds us of a game played by all children in summer, it is one of the first luck games we all played when we were kids. With this attractive pendant you can play it in anyplace and at any time without having to wait for the spring to come (and no daisies will be hurt!). Just hold the pendent to the sun and you will have your answer - be careful what you ask!

7. Helios Sun necklace This design is about the Sun and its silvery rays that make of him the great star of our day and its orange centre reminds us of the nearest star that warms us.

8. Saturn sundial ring - Iridescent crystal. The singularity of gathering in a personal ornamental item such as a ring, with the so-called gnomonics sundial science, turns this piece into a singular object, unique in its design, eye-catching and easy to wear that attracts the observer's looks and curiosity and also offering a special way to measure time.

9. Saturn sundial ring - Topaz crystal See 8 above for text description.

Materials: Metal and Crystal

Finish: Silver-plated

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