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Solförmörkelse halssmycke

Solförmörkelse halssmyckeSolförmörkelse halssmyckeSolförmörkelse halssmycke

155 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 155 kr
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Ingenious piece that by means of a simple representation of an eclipse, and playing with the light, shows us the illusion of a rare phenomenon difficult to observe.

Presentation: In an individual bag with a cord and operating intructions guide.

How it works: If you expose this necklace to the sun or any other source of light, and you bring it close to any object on which a shadow can be casted, a hand for instance, you will observe a silhouette that simulates a solar eclipse.

Materials: Metal and Crystal

Dimensions: 27 x 33 x 7 mm

Finish: Silver-plated

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