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Solar Tempus - armband med solur!

Solar Tempus - armband med solur!Solar Tempus - armband med solur!Solar Tempus - armband med solur!

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The Sun is the centre of the Solar System and its role inspires the shape of this equatorial type sundial that is worn on the wrist like a watch. The transparent stone at the centre of the dial functions as a lens to provide the indicator beam for the sundial, and its colour reminds us of the role of the sun in sustaining all life on the Earth. It is made in silver plated metal and is a perfect accessory which encapsulates art and functionality in one beautiful piece. The convenient and beautiful 'wrist-watch' styling enables the wearer to measure time at any place in the world - Northern or Southern hemisphere.

Presentation: Presentation: jewellery box with premium leather strap in brown, adjustable strap, and operating instructions in Spanish and English.

How it works: Stand in an open sunny place looking southwards, tilt the sundial until we see a ray of light that will indicate the solar time. Or you can use it to find North (or any other compass point). Because the sundial relates a known compass bearing to time - the process can be usefully reversed to relate known time to compass bearing. Simply rotate the sundial until until the suns beam is illuminating the current time and now the solar icon will indicate the direction South with the 12 noon pointing North.

Materials: Metal, crystal and leather.

Dimensions of sundial: 40mm x 9 mm

Finish: Silver-plated

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