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GSO 9mm Super Plossl eyepiece

GSO 9mm Super Plossl eyepieceGSO 9mm Super Plossl eyepiece

359 kr

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GSO are optical suppliers to Meade Instruments and are regarded as one of the most skillful optical manufacturers within the Pacific rim (where nearly all optical products originate today).

This superb 9mm eyepiece offers high powered wide-field views with breathtaking pinpoint detail. The 9mm offers high-magnification views with all popular types of astronomical telescopes. The generous eye relief and fold down eye-cup make it comfortable for spectacle wearers.

* Wide 52 degree apparent field of view

* Multi-coated and edge-blackened optics for high contrast views

* Top quality all aluminium lathe turned metal construction

Breathtaking high-powered views

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