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GSO 32mm Super Plossl eyepiece (for visual & photo-imaging)

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GSO 32mm Super Plossl eyepiece  (for visual & photo-imaging)GSO 32mm Super Plossl eyepiece  (for visual & photo-imaging)GSO 32mm Super Plossl eyepiece  (for visual & photo-imaging)

485 kr

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T-ringadapters till systemkameror
T-ringadapters till systemkameror
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This superb Photo-imaging and visual use 32mm eyepiece offers low-powered wide-field star-scape views with breathtaking pinpoint detail and perfect digital camera connectivity.

The 32-PI eyepiece offers wide-field low magnification views with all popular types of astronomical telescopes. The generous eye relief accessible via fold down eye-cup and telescopic body make it not merely comfortable for spectacle wearers but probably one of the best 1.25" eyepieces there is for spectacle wearers!

Photo-imaging The 32-PI is fitted with a special movable sleeve that carries the eye-cup. The eye-cup/support unscrews to reveal a T-thread. A wide range of digital camera, camcorder and DSLR camera adaptors can be attached to this for near perfect camera positioning (see special offer below). The 1.25" nosepiece features an anti-slip recess to ensure that the camera-eyepiece combination remains attached to the telescope even if the eyepiece holder relaxes due to say a temperature change.

* Wide 52 degree apparent field of view

* Multi-coated and edge-blackened optics for high contrast views

* Top quality all aluminium CNC lathe turned metal construction

* Available with adaptor ring for direct camera connection (see below).

GSO are optical suppliers to Meade Instruments and are regarded as one of the most skillful optical manufacturers within the Pacific rim (where nearly all optical products originate today).

Special offer!

Get the superb GSO 32-PI 32mm imaging eyepiece complete with T-thread adaptor ring for a greatly reduced price (up to 30% off the price of the adaptor ring!) Please not this offer only applies to digital camera and camcorder adaptors. However, the 32-PI is an ideal eyepiece projection system for DSLR cameras - and suitable adaptors are available here.

The following is a list of adaptors to allow the 32-PI eyepiece to be fitted directly to your cameras filter or accessory thread:

AC550 for 30mm thread

AC551 for 30.5mm thread

AC552 for 37mm thread

AC553 for 40.5mm thread

AC554 for 43mm thread

AC527 for 46mm thread

AC556 for 49mm thread

AC557 for 52mm thread

AC558 for 55mm thread

AC559 for 58mm thread

AC560 for 62mm thread

The following are special adaptors for specific model cameras (with pop-out lenses etc):

AC521 to fit Nikon Coolpix 900,950,990,995,4500 and other cameras with a 28mm filter thread.

AC522 to fit Nikon Coolpix 5700

AC523 to fit Nikon Coolpix 5400

AC525 to fit Nikon Coolpix 4300,885.

AC524 to fit Olympus C2000,2020 through to 5050 and other cameras with a 41mm filter thread.

AC526 to fit Sony F707,F717,F828 and other cameras with a 58mm filter thread.

AC531 to fit Fuji 4900,6900,602 & 603 Pro

Select your eyepiece and adaptor kit from the drop-down list below.

Digital camera connectivity and breathtaking views of star-scapes, nebulae and galaxies in one stunning eyepiece!

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