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Rotation Drive System

Rotation Drive System

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Motorise your Dome rotation - a must for unattended long exposure photography and imaging. Slew the observatory dome in line with your telescope, then leave your telescope and dome to continue tracking the chosen object.

Designed for the Pulsar 2.7 metre dome and 2.2 metre dome.

Wireless operation as standard!


The dome controller is powered via the supplied 12V DC 7AH lead-acid battery. Power to the unit is controlled via the main switch and a red LED indicates when power is turned on. Dome slewing at 400 x sidereal speed in either direction is by remote operation, using the keyfob transmitter (range up to 100m). A microprocessor controls the automatic tracking by moving the dome in a stepwise fashion, each step being approximately 1.8". Tracking speed can be adjusted from 10 x sidereal down to sidereal - 20 using the tracking control knob. It is recommended that the unit is switched off when not in use.

Using the Solar Panel charger accessory, the unit can be trickle charged during the daylight hours.

Dome Rotation Drive System is supplied completely assembled, ready to install, using just 4 bolts and comes complete with:

  • Dome controller

  • Motor

  • Keyfob transmitter

  • Receiver unit

  • 12V Rechargeable battery

  • Solar charger panel

  • Hardware (fixing kit, etc)

    Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

    Please note all Pulsar Observatories products are subject to a 3% surcharge when paid by credit card, for alternative payment options, please contact us.

  • Motorise your Dome rotation

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