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1.25" 45 to 90 degree adjustable angle diagonal

1.25" 45 to 90 degree adjustable angle diagonal1.25" 45 to 90 degree adjustable angle diagonal

595 kr

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This clever mirror star diagonal has a fully adjustable mirror angle and can be set anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees.

A large knob on the side of the diagonal allows quick and convenient adjustment while viewing. The adjustable mirror diagonal allows the eyepiece to be placed in the most comfortable position for the observer.

A more comfortable observer = better observations!

High quality finish - the nose-piece is chromed brass and fully threaded for standard 1.25" filters. Internally flat-blackened to eliminate reflections for improved contrast. The eyepiece holder is black-anodised aluminium with 2x chrome cross screws. Screw-assembled mirror body in dense resin gives the whole unit a great quality feel.

The adjustable angle mirror star diagonal maximises observer comfort.

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