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Bresser Planisphere (5.5")

Bresser Planisphere (5.5")

28 kr

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The Bresser planisphere measures just 143mm (5.5") and is the ideal pocket companion.

A practical and convenient hour-by-hour tracker of the stars and constellations.

Made of sturdy plastic - the planisphere is supplied with full instruction (that you can download free - see under picture).

Much quicker and convenient to use than planetarium software on a computer - the great strength of the Planishere is that it can be used outside and direct comparisons can be made holding the Planisphere up agaist the sky to identify stars and other targets. Ideal for identifying constellations. Sunset and sunrise times can be predited as well as the rise,set and high transit time (the point when an object is highest in the sky and best placed for observation or imaging) of stars and other targets.

'Everybody should be issued with one of these at birth!'

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