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ScopeTeknix Universal Digital Camera Adaptor ST98

ScopeTeknix Universal Digital Camera Adaptor ST98ScopeTeknix Universal Digital Camera Adaptor ST98ScopeTeknix Universal Digital Camera Adaptor ST98

359 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 359 kr
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Sale! Now only 359 kr in our sale - but hurry, sale stock is strictly limited!

Introducing the ScopeTeknix universal digital camera adptor at a great introductory price of just 359 kr! Get into digital imaging (digiscoping) and start recording and sharing the amazing views through your telescope! Works with all telescopes, astronomical or spotting scopes.

This amazingly versatile adaptor simply clamps around any eyepiece (between 28mm and 45mm in diameter) and has a micrometrically controllable camera mounting platform that will allow any camera with a tripod fitting point to be attached.

No additional adaptor rings are required to mate virtually every camera to any telescope with an eyepiece between 28mm and 45mm diameter. Once the precise adjustments are made a single lock knob locks the X-Y position in place. You can remove the camera and change eyepieces without a lot of fiddly adjustments. The Universal Digital Camera Adaptor (UDCA)even has a tripod mount to allow you to mount the device directly to a photo tripod if needed (allows some smaller camera/telescope or camera/binocular combinations to be attached to a tripod even if the equipment does not have a tripod fitting of their own).

The lower picture shows the ScopeTeknix UDCA and Minolta Dimage digital camera attached to a 1.25" 20mm Plossl eyepiece ready to be fitted to an astro telescope (camera and eyepiece not included). The inset shows the camera adaptor fitted to a spotting scope eyepiece.

A great way to get into digiscoping!

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