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Bresser Super-Clamp for GEM counterbalance shafts

Bresser Super-Clamp for GEM counterbalance shaftsBresser Super-Clamp for GEM counterbalance shafts

345 kr

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AE Ball & Socket head for tripods and clamps
AE Ball & Socket head for tripods and clamps
365 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 345 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

The unique design of the Bresser Super Clamp provides a secure base for camera and additional telescope or binocular support. The Super Clamp lives up to its name and is super tough retaining payloads up to 15kg and is perfect for attachment to equatorial mounts!

The Bresser Super Clamp is perfect for clamping to the counter-balance shaft (up to 55mm diameter!) of German equatorial mountings. The great benefit of this camera - or other accessory - position is that it is self-counterbalancing. By adding weight to the counter-balance shaft the existing weights can be moved in towards the head or even removed altogether, depending on the weight of the clamped equipment of course. Ideal for use with EQ5/EQ6 and other large GEMs.

The Bresser Super Clamp is a super portable tripod alternative weighing in at just 410g and yet holding equipment with the same competence as some of our best and biggest tripods.

Attachments, like tripod heads (see Recommended accessories, are held by the Super Clamp using a shaped steel stud (see picture but please note the stud supplied is chrome plated steel and not brass as shown). The Super Clamp has a quick-release mechanism that allows the stud to be released by simply pressing a button - for safety the mechanism can be locked (see picture). The equipment attachment studs have a standard 1/4" male thread at one end and a 3/8" male thread at the other and both sizes are included.


Maximum clamping jaw range: 55mm

Minimum tube clamping diameter: 13mm

Weight: 410g

Attachment stud/bolt: 1/4" and 3/8"

Please note: When comparing our price with that of our competitors, the attachment bolt is included in our price. Our competitors usually show this type of device with the bolt priced separately.

Ultra tough clamp mount for the power user!

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