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Bresser MicrOkular II Electronic Eyepiece

Bresser MicrOkular II Electronic EyepieceBresser MicrOkular II Electronic Eyepiece

420 kr

Microscope essentials

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NEW USB Eyepiece!

Bresser PC USB connecting video imaging eyepiece. This full colour electronic imaging eyepiece fits microscopes with standard eyepiece holders (includes all our microscopes!). Supplied with 1.8m usb cable and full instructions. Full colour CMOS imaging chip delivers stunning high resolution images straight to your PC!

This amazing device allows high-resolution full colour images to be captured of anything you would normally view through a normal eyepiece. Fits 23mm and larger standard size eyepiece holder.

Can be used on any PC with a USB port.

Fits all microscopes

Group viewing

This super device is great for group viewings, and any situation where you wish a number of people to participate in the observing session. It is also very useful for the more advanced user to make still image and video recordings.

Plug-&-play USB connectivity

The eyepiece runs on power supplied by the PC's USB port. Standard USB extension cables can be used to achieve remote display.

Educational (and fun!)

This is a great fun gadget to use - it plugs into any PC with a USB port and shows brilliant high-resolution full colour images of anything presented on the microscope stage on your PC screen. The displayed image can recorded as video and replayed or as sigle shot images.


Chip size: 640x480 pixels

PC image standard: Full colour VGA

Magnification: similar to a standard 10x eyepiece.

Supplied software: PC Ulead - Photo Explorer V7.0

Record and share your microscope observations!

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