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Bresser 900 & Pollux RA drive Motor system

Bresser 900 & Pollux RA drive Motor systemBresser 900 & Pollux RA drive Motor system

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Complete RA drive motor system to fit Bresser 900 and other similar telescopes (Skylux, Pollux etc).

This great electronic drive system fits easily to the equatorial mount and allows the telescope to automatically compensate for the rotation of the Earth - effectively locking the telescope on to the object being observed and freeing the observer from the need to constantly track the target by turning the RA slow-motion handle.

The drive allows time exposure astro-photography with 35mm and digital cameras. A camera can be attached to the Equatorial mounting and long exposure photographs taken (the exposure duration is somewhat dependent on how well the telescope is set up and polar aligned).

Kit includes:

RA drive motor unit

Handset with astrophotography speed control

Battery box with case (4 x D cells required - not included)

Upgrades the Bresser 700 to fully automatic tracking!

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