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Bresser Erudit MO 20x-1536x ST-Mikroskop

Bresser Erudit MO 20x-1536x ST-MikroskopBresser Erudit MO 20x-1536x ST-MikroskopBresser Erudit MO 20x-1536x ST-Mikroskop

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Microscope essentials
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Microscope 23mm nosepiece to T-thread camera adaptor
Microscope 23mm nosepiece to T-thread camera adaptor
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Now with PC ocular - to allow full colour imaging and picture storage on your PC!

Bresser Erudit MO 20x-1536x ST-Microscope

The BRESSER Erudit MO 20x-1536x ST-Mikroskop contains a lot of useful accessories and allows for an optimal start into microscopy.

Optics: This transmitted light microscope is equipped with three widefield eyepieces (5x/10x/16x). The 360° rotatable monocular head allows for a comfortable viewing position at any time. The three objective lenses (4x/10x/60x) are held by a revolving nose piece. In addition, the BRESSER ERUDIT is equipped with a Barlow-Zoom-System. Thus, the magnification can be increased continuously (ZOOM) up to 1,536x. The battery-driven LED light provides a specially bright illumination of the preparation. The contrast of the illumination can be adjusted as needed by means of a filter wheel underneeth the specimen stage.

Mechanics: A robust metal body and solid workmanship are the guarantee for the longevity of this microscope. The oversized focus wheel allows for a precise adjustment of sharpness. The supplied x-y table is used for millimeter-accurate positioning of the slide and prevents slipping of the preparation to be observed on the stage. Due to a rechargeable battery that is integrated in the solid base and with the aluminum case, which comes only with this microscope, the Erudit MO is also suitable for mobile applications!

Mobility: When observing outdoors, the battery-powered and thus mains-independent lighting can be used. With the practical aluminium case with shoulder strap the microscope can be transported easily together with all accessories. Outside of the case an additional protective cover protects the ERUDIT from dirt and dust.Computer Connection: In addition, the Bresser Erudit is equipped with an extra eyepiece for connection to the PC with Windows operating system. The built-in sensor has a resolution of 640x480 pixels and allows the micro-observation directly from your PC. By means of the also included software the digital observations can also be edited and saved. Even a video can be created using the PC eyepiece.

Technical Specifications and Features:

• Product family: Erudite MO

• Type: transmitted light

• Magnification: 20x-1536x

• Eyepiece (s) Included: WF5X, WF10x, WF16x, 1x-1, 6x Barlow

• Objectives Included: 4x, 10x, 60x

• Lighting: LED

• Number of visual ports: 1

• Design: transmitted light microscope

• Focus drive (s): smooth rack & pinion

• Cross table included (with vernier, scale 60x30 mm)

• Power Supply: AC Adapter, Battery

• Visual head: rotates 360 °, 45 ° inclined

• Standard Accessories: aluminum case, 5 prepared slides, 5 blank slides and cover slips, power adapter, cross table

included Accessories

• Monocular attachment rotates 360 °

• Barlow zoom system (1.6-fold)

• Battery-powered LED lighting with power plug

• PC eyepiece with 640x480 pixels

• 3 wide field eyepieces

• (5x/10x/16x)

• 3 objective lenses (4x/10x/60x)

• Cross table for precise slide positioning with vernier division

• 5 prepared slides

• 5 blank slides

• 10 cover glasses, dust cover, aluminum carry case.


Biology Research Entomology Botany

Product Family: Transmitted light microscope


Optical design Biological

Magnification from 20 Magnification up to 1536

Lighting: Transmitted light


Case: Aluminium Case

Transportability: very good

View: Monocular

Colour white

Product series Erudit

Warranty: 5 Years

Total length 210 mm Total width 155 mm Total height 310 mm Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 1.6 kg

A great student microscope kit

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