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Combined red-dot finder and mounting bracket for binoculars

Combined red-dot  finder and mounting bracket for binocularsCombined red-dot  finder and mounting bracket for binocularsCombined red-dot  finder and mounting bracket for binoculars

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The Astro Engineering combined Bino-Finder-Bracket is a combined mounting bracket and red-dot electronic finder for all porro-prism binoculars fitted with a tripod mounting point. Ideal for use with all our astronomy binoculars.

Made in Britain from rigid steel, the heavy duty bracket fits easily to all standard camera tripods and and can be used with any binocular with a standard tripod bracket fitting point.

The Red-Dot electronic finder attaches to the top-plate of the bracket with thumb screws and can be collimated with the binocular in seconds - makes finding deep-sky targets with binoculars simple, easy and fun. The finder works by appearing to project a red-dot (user selectable brightness) on to the sky. Once collimated with the binocular, simply steer the binocular so the red dot is superimposed on the target - or the point in the sky you judge to be were the target is positioned - and the target will be centred in the binocular eyepieces - simple.

A brilliant accessory and a real boon for the binocular astronomer!

This versatile binocular mounting bracket uses a standard two-hole fitting on the top-plate so it can also be used to attach an optical finder if you have one on to just about any binocular. See recommended accessories.

All metal construction (bracket). Supplied with all fittings and battery.

Please note: the binocular and tripod shown in the pictures are NOT included in the price of the finder bracket.

A great idea - a combined tripod support bracket and red-dot finder!

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