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iPhone holder for binoculars and telescopes

iPhone holder for binoculars and telescopesiPhone holder for binoculars and telescopesiPhone holder for binoculars and telescopes

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Got an iPhone? Get into REAL iPhone astronomy!

The ScopeTeknix iPhone holder is designed to allow you to attach your Apple iPhone 3GS directly to binoculars and telescopes. The combined all-steel binocular support bracket also allows you to attach the combined iPhone and binocular to any tripod. This combined iPhone and binocular bracket is ideal for all binoculars fitted with a tripod mounting point and will fit all our astronomy binoculars.

Click the link below to see our informative video presentation of this super gadget:

Watch the video: The iPhone holder for binoculars and telescopes

Designed and made in Britain from steel, aluminium and ABS, the iPhone cradle allows the iPhone to be clipped in place easily and, combined with a popular astronomy App, like GoSkyWatch (not included but at time of writing available from iTunes for under �4 [four GBP]) to become a powerful interactive finder system for binoculars and telescopes - and has virtually all the functionality of the Meade MySky and Celestron SkyScout.

The iPhone holder assembly can be used independently of the included binocular bracket and used to attach the iPhone to telescopes via the camera mounting point or other convenient location. The sub-assembly (the part with the silver coloured plate shown in picture 3) is also drilled to allow attachment to the two hole finder attachment point found on many telescopes.

With this gadget your iPhone 3GS becomes a fantastic multi-media, interactive finder for telescopes and binoculars. Binoculars can be hand held for a super sky-tour experience. We strongly recommend that you watch our short video (it's only 4 minutes) to get a full understanding of this amazingly powerful system. And to think, some people just use the iPhone to make phone calls with!

Our comment: The iPhone is an amazing piece of modern technology - we know many of you have already got one and are impressed with the astronomy Apps that are available. This clever hardware bracket and iPhone holder from ScopeTeknix (an Astro Engineering brand btw) boosts the iPhone in to the real world of practical astronomy and we love it! It makes finding deep-sky targets with binoculars simple, easy and great fun.

In case, you don't know, the latest iPhones have built-in accelerometers (electronic mechanisms to sense handset motion) and an electronic compass and GPS system. These features combine, when used with a suitable astronomy App (like GoSkyWatch) to turn the iPhone in to a truly stunning planetarium and interactive finder system - and as you move the iPhone around the screen will show you a live and interactive map of the sky (day or night). Once collimated with the binocular (and there's a neat little ball & socket arrangement on the rear of the iPhone cradle to allow easy collimation) simply steer the binocular or telescope so that what you want to see is on the screen of the iPhone - it's that simple!

A brilliant accessory and a real boon for the astronomer!

Compatibility: The iPhone holder is designed to work with the Apple iPhone 3GS - it will fit earlier models but they lack the accelerometer and compass functionality of the 3GS (they can be used but are not as much fun!).

Please note: the iPhone, binocular and telescope shown in the pictures are NOT included in the price. (...own up, who said "blast" just then?)

Got an iPhone? Get into iPhone astronomy!

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