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AC519 ImageMate 1.25" 4x amplifier lens

AC519 ImageMate 1.25" 4x amplifier lensAC519 ImageMate 1.25" 4x amplifier lensAC519 ImageMate 1.25" 4x amplifier lens

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This high-performance amplifier lens (Barlow) is designed primarily to be used with imaging systems - typically small CCD cameras and webcams. It offers 4x magnification with high contrast and high image resolution.

See for yourself

There are lots of great images on the internet taken with this excellent device just take a look at Mick Hyde's website for a good sample of what can be done with the 4x ImageMate.

Mick Hyde's Photo Gallery

Although the ImageMate is a great tool for imaging it works amazingly well visually and can be used with most eyepieces too.

The ImageMate features a bright two element optical design with fully multi-coated edge-blackened lenses for maximum contrast.

This super-quality amplifier lens has proved itself with imagers all over the world and is a serious alternative to the TeleVue Powermates - but at a fraction of the cost!

Click the link below to see AE's video on their photovisual Barlow lenses:

Watch our video: AE photovisual Barlow lenses

Stjärnhuset comment:

We've only had a chance to use the ImageMate visually so far and it's a big thumbs-up with us. The system looks odd and has a reduced optical window but it's this that is so ideal for imaging with, relatively small chip, electronic cameras (webcams,CCD cameras etc) - so it ought to be a surprise that it still works so well visually.

The world's best high-powered low-priced alternative to the PowerMate!

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