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2" 1.5x to 2x ED Barlowlins

2" 1.5x to 2x ED Barlowlins2" 1.5x to 2x ED Barlowlins2" 1.5x to 2x ED Barlowlins

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Super new ED performance 1.5x to 2x Barlow lens to fit any 2" eyepiece holder. Superb-quality all-metal construction complete with end caps.

For observers that need to power-up their 2" eyepieces, this superb Barlow increases magnification to 1.5x to 2x with all 2" and 1.25" eyepieces. With a clear aperture of 30mm, this fully multi-coated achromatic design will work in any telescope with a 2" focuser, including those using a 2" diagonal. Features include rubber grip, 2-screw clamping, edge-blackened elements and internal baffling. This Barlow will work before a diagonal as a 2.4x Barlow, as well with the lens head alone screwed directly on to the eyepiece filter thread for 1.5x magnification.

This is a beautifully finished fully multi-coated ED glass Barlow lens. It offers a more moderate and, at the same time, wider controllable range of magnifications than a straight 2x Barlow. And is perfect for fine-tuning magnification and image scale eg during planetary viewing or astrophotography.

Supplied with filter threaded 1.25" eyepiece adaptor and plastic bolt-bottle storage container.

Stunning quality 2" ED Barlow offering a range of image amplification.

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