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The Sky at Night by Sir Patrick Moore

The Sky at Night by Sir Patrick Moore

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A series of beautifully written and illustrated articles based on the popular BBC Sky at Night television programme.

The book contains 37 chapters all written in Sir Patrick's accessible and entertaining style, and these track the most important developments in astronomy, astrophysics and space exploration. Topics range from the very early universe, gamma-ray bursters and galactic whirlpools, to the transits of Mercury and Venus, and the arrival of the Huygens lander on Saturn's moon Titan.

The essays include many of the fascinating discussions that Sir Patrick has had with leading astronomers on the 'Sky at Night' programme, and also a personal selection of colourful photographs and diagrams.

Sir Patrick Moore is a world acknowledged master of his material and his passion and enthusiasm for his subject also comes through in this expertly crafted series of essays.

This book educates and inspires and is a comprehensive and accessible round up of the recent trends in astronomy.

Binding: Softback

Size: 198 x 126 mm

184 pages

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