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AC282 Standard Pier for EQ5 (HEQ5 pro etc)

AC282 Standard Pier for EQ5 (HEQ5 pro etc)AC282 Standard Pier for EQ5 (HEQ5 pro etc)

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As result of direct research, Astro Engineering have a close understanding of the causes of vibration in observatory installations. This knowledge has been exploited in the new design of the Standard observatory Pier for H/EQ5 German equatorial mounts. The AC282 EQ5 Standard pier uses AE's tried and tested anti-vibration design technology and features a side aperture or "Owl's nest" that allows all popular Sky Watcher EQ5, HEQ5 etc German equatorial mounts to be attached to the pier. The pier features a high precision CNC machined head that is fully equipped to provide ultra smooth and precise adjustment of the H/EQ5 GEM for precise polar alignment for the most demanding CCD imaging work. The Owl's nest features a support arch to ensure that the pier has the same ultra rigid performance as the advanced AC421 Pier-Pro.

The AC282 EQ5 Standard pier can be bolted directly to a suitable concrete floor or founding block. Manufactured from heavy steel the Standard Pier is finished in black stipple-finish resin powder coating. Specification: 1010mm (39.75") high

A pier fitting kit with all fasteners and full instructions is available seperatly.

About the designer: born in Ilford in 1959, Robert J Dalby is well known to amateur astronomers as an exacting practitioner and populariser of CCD astro-imaging. He is co-inventor (with Dr Kunihiko Okano) of the, now universally used, LRGB image compositing method, and designer of over 600 astronomy accessories on sale under various brand names around the world. Robert has provided mountings for literally thousands of telescopes used by professional and self-funded astronomers (his preferred term for amateurs!). His high performance telescope mountings can be found from research installations in Moscow to the top of a volcano on La Palma! In 1989 Robert founded Astro Engineering - a UK manufacturer of some of the world's finest astronomy accessories, many of which can be purchased from Pulsar Optical. When not at the AE works Robert divides his time between the dark skies of Norfolk and Österlen with his wife and a lazy ginger cat named Boswell.

A research grade anti-vibration pier designed for the popular H/EQ5 GEM

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