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AC400 (aluminium) MegaWedge-Pro for LX200R, GPS etc

AC400  (aluminium) MegaWedge-Pro for LX200R, GPS etcAC400  (aluminium) MegaWedge-Pro for LX200R, GPS etc

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The AC400 MegaWedge Pro is the world's finest wedge for the LX200 series telescopes and is ideally suited for the high-performance demands of the larger 12" and 14" models.

Astro Engineering's low-profile wedge design is tailored for use in Western Europe for latitudes bracketed between Finland and Gibraltar. Other designs (Meade, Mitty etc) are severely compromised by trying to accommodate the entire world on one design. This cost saving practise makes the wedge higher than necessary and reduces the engineering authority.

Click the link below to see AE's video on the AC400:

Watch our video: The AC400 MegaWedge Pro and accessories

Constructed of high precision CNC machined 20mm thick aluminium plate the wedge is both extraordinarily rigid and lightweight. 10mm steel dowels have been used to strengthen all joints. The AC400 MegaWedge-Pro was designed specifically to provide not just the last word in rigidity but the ultimate in smooth and precise polar alignment adjustment - so vital for the largest Meade and Celestron SCTs when used for high performance imaging.

Astro Engineering comment: 'Our aim with the MegaWedge series was to address the particular mechanical deficiencies exposed in the Meade Ultrawedge and Superwedge products by today's 'power' users. By this we mean the user who is setting and demanding the very highest standards for equipment performance. The Meade products rely on high pressure castings and as such achieve a creditable performance at an very economic production cost. Our MegaWedge products employ relatively expensive (compared with casting) flat plate and CNC manufacturing technology but the final result achieves a standard of performance the cast products cannot hope to match'.

Ideal for use with all (especially the larger)Meade LX200R GPS and Classic telescopes. The wedge can be field tripod mounted. as well as mounted on our Pro, Standard, and DIY observatory piers.

Equipped with ultra smooth and precise slow-motion adjuster on both latitude and azimuth registers the MegaWedge-Pro is a delight to use and will provide the perfect foundation for advanced astro-imaging projects. The altitude tilt plate features a high precision ball and socket adjuster to make polar alignment adjustment easy - unlike competitor products the polar alignment remains perfect even when all fasteners are full tightened! Like the standard AC218 steel MegaWedge,the Pro is fast and easy to set-up in the field when using a tripod. Finished in black anodic dye and supplied with all fastenings and instructions. The MegaWedge-Pro is suitable for latitudes between 63 and 35 degrees. (All of the UK to roughly southern Finland and south as far as Gibraltar).

If you wish to use the AC400 Megawedge Pro with an observatory pier we recommend the AC421 Pier-Pro as it has a specially designed marry plate to exploit the high precision construction of the AC400. The AC421 marry plate is available seperatly for DIY construction purposes.

A giant version called the GigaWedge is available for the 16" LX200 (R GPS & Classic).

The ultimate "observatory standard" wedge for the LX200 GPS and Classic

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