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AC430 The GigaWedge for Meade 16" LX200

AC430 The GigaWedge for Meade 16" LX200AC430 The GigaWedge for Meade 16" LX200

21 800 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 21 800 kr
Beräknad leveranstid: 14 dagar

Made to order. The GigaWedge is specifically designed to allow precise and permanent polar alignment of the 16" LX200, something which until now has been an unachievable task with conventional cut-pier mounts.

Manufactured from fully CNC-machined, 25.4mm-thick aluminium and weighing in excess of 65kg (145lbs), the GigaWedge is considerably more rigid than a fixed-latitude cut pier, and at the same time precisely and smoothly adjustable.

With the GigaWedge, precise polar alignment to research-quality standard no longer means hours and hours of fretful work, only to be forced to give up and accept sub-optimal polar alignment in the end.

This wedge allows the 16" LX200, which is widely held to be the finest instrument in the world of its kind, to be used to its full potential for the first time since its introduction. The GigaWedge is a mount that is as good as the telescope itself, and will be an absolute enhancement to the installation.

Product features include:

o fully adjustable from between 35 degrees and 63 degrees latitude

o precision adjusters on altitude and azimuth

o proven anti-vibration features

16" LX200 Classic & GPS - GigaWedge research quality wedge mounting AC430

Please note: the pier and 16" telescope shown in the pictures are not included and are available seperatly.

Precise polar alignment to research-quality standard

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