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AC602 Polarmate - Precise Polar Finder

AC602 Polarmate - Precise Polar FinderAC602 Polarmate - Precise Polar FinderAC602 Polarmate - Precise Polar Finder

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At last a quick and precise system to polar-align Celestron SCT equatorial wedges. A high-precision CNC-machined attachment block milled from solid aluminium, the Polarmate fits precisely to the top of the wedge's tilt plate and carries a miniature polar scope that can be set to the local overhead right ascension (RA) angle.

The small polar scope, which is equipped with a comfortable rubber eye-cup, has a fine reticule that shows the location of Polaris relative to the north celestial pole. The Polarmate delivers precise and repeatable polar alignment literally in seconds.

Far more precise and immediate than the electronic methods provided on the telescope handset, the Polarmate does away with the need for repeated running of firmware-based polar alignment routines. Use the included quick reference chart to quickly estimate the overhead RA hour (or use your favourite planetarium program to give this number) and simply set the hour angle on the Polarmate's RA index.

Then adjust the wedge in altitude and azimuth until Polaris appears in the circle displayed in the alignment scope. Remove the Polarmate and attach your telescope and it's done - simple, precise, and quick. To illuminate the reticule, a night vision-saving red LED hand-held illuminator is included. The Polarmate is ideal for setting up your equatorial wedge for critical astrophotography work and enables you to achieve very accurate equatorial alignment to observatory standard in seconds.

Fits Celestron heavy-duty wedge (93655) for Nexstar GPS and U2000, and the wedge (93658) for the Nexstar 5i and 8i. The Polarmate also fits all Meade wedges as well as our own MegaWedge and MegaWedge Pro and the GigaWedge for the 16" LX200. The Polarmate requires no tools and fits with the aid of a single thumb knob.

Full instructions included.

About the inventor: born in Ilford in 1959, Robert J Dalby is well known to amateur astronomers as an exacting practitioner and populariser of CCD astro-imaging. He is co-inventor (with Dr Kunihiko Okano) of the LRGB image compositing method, and designer of over 600 astronomy accessories on sale under various brand names around the world. Robert has provided mountings for literally thousands of telescopes used by professional and self-funded astronomers (his preferred term for amateurs!). His high performance telescope mountings can be found from research installations in Moscow to the top of a volcano on La Palma! In 1989 Robert founded Astro Engineering - a UK manufacturer of some of the world's finest astronomy accessories, many of which can be purchased from Pulsar Optical. When not at the AE works Robert divides his time between the dark skies of Norfolk and Österlen with his wife and a lazy ginger cat named Boswell.

Precise Polar finder for all equatorial wedges

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