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AC378 1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam 840K)

AC378 1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam 840K)

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1.25" nose-piece with filter thread to fit Philips ToUcam Pro 840K webcam (and other "thin case" webcams).

The Astro Engineering webcam nosepieces are the original and still the best - they have many imitators but no other webcam nosepiece has the anti-reflection baffling used on all the AE models.

Simply unscrew the lens on the camera and screw in the nose-piece - and you're ready to start high resolution imaging.

Unique computer designed baffle system The AC378 nose-piece is precision turned from black Delrin and features a filter thread and a computer designed stepped baffle system to minimise reflections and improve contrast - the baffles ensure that only the light you want reaches the imaging chip.

This is the world's most prolific webcam nose-piece - if you've ever admired a spectacular webcam image the odds are it was shot through one of these!

We recommend the AC582 IR and UV blocking filter for use with this nosepiece (see botton left).

All you need to turn a simple webcam into a high res planetary imaging system!

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