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Microscope 30mm nosepiece to T-thread camera adaptor

Microscope 30mm nosepiece to T-thread camera adaptor

95 kr

Microscope essentials

Pris inklusive moms: 95 kr
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This simple adaptor allows SLR cameras (digital or film) to be mated to any microscope with a standard 30mm microscope eyepiece eyepiece holder.

The adaptor is staged to allow a perfect fit into eyepiece holders in the range of 29.9mm, 30.4mm and 31.75mm.

The nosepiece fits directly into larger standard microscope eyepiece holder. The rear of the adaptor is threaded to receive T-rings to allow the adaptor to be fitted to all DSLR and SLR camera brands via a T-ring (not included) .

The front of the nosepiece is threaded for connection to standard C-mount camera ports.

The adaptor is finished in hard anodic black dye.

The T-ring is not included and will be required to attach your camera.

Mount your SLR (with T ring!) on the scope for simple micro-photography!

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