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AC555 Magni-Max 1.6x thread on Barlow lens

AC555 Magni-Max 1.6x thread on Barlow lensAC555 Magni-Max 1.6x thread on Barlow lens

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Now shipping: new version with 1.25" filter thread on front (not shown in pictures).

A compact supplementary lens barrel that threads in to any standard 1.25" filter thread and boosts magnification and image scale by 1.6x.

The anodised aluminium body of the Magni-Max 1.6x supplementary lens unit threads directly onto the nose-piece of any 1.25" eyepiece or camera with a standard filter thread and increases the magnification by 1.6x.

Versatile usage

The Magni-Max has many uses and performs as brilliantly visually as it does photographically. The Magni-Max can be fitted to camera (webcams, video camera etc) nose-pieces and delivers the same 60% magnification increase as it does with eyepieces used visually.

Perfect for use with Binoviewers (improves inward focus travel) and allows refractors and Newts to focus with limited inward focusor travel. Ideal for astrophotography with Newtonian telescopes.

One of the great benefits of the Magni-Max is that, unlike conventional Barlow lenses, it delivers a powerful magnification boost but only increases the length of the camera or eyepiece nose-piece by 12mm! The Magni-Max supplementary lens system is a twin lens cemented construction and is fully anti-reflection multi-coated with edge blackened lenses for maximum contrast.

Supplied in a dust and shock proof plastic case.

1.6x magnification and fits all 1.25" filter threads.

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