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AC018 2 inch and SCT T-thread camera adaptor

AC018 2 inch and SCT T-thread camera adaptorAC018 2 inch and SCT T-thread camera adaptorAC018 2 inch and SCT T-thread camera adaptor

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This superbly engineered 2 inch prime focus camera adapter is designed to fit SLR and DSLR cameras to telescopes with 2" eyepiece holders (push-fit) and SCT visual back threads.

The adapter is constructed so that it unscrews into three parts. The versatile design offers wide functionality.

The nosepiece will fit directly into any 2 inch eyepiece holder and provide either T-mounting for any SLR or DSLR or (with the rear T-mount section) removed SCT visual back thread to allow any SCT visual back accessory to be attached.

The rear portion that unscrews from the rear of the nosepiece will fit directly to Meade and Celestron (and other) SCT visual backs.

Pulsar comment: This is a superb quality adapter, made in the UK to AE's exacting standards - typical of an AE adaptor the AC018 exhibits a design that shows a greater understanding of users needs.

The 2 inch nosepiece is much lower profile than competing products and requires less inward focuser travel (especially important with Newtonian scopes and many modern short focus refractors). The black anodised barrel has a safety recess that is broader than most to minimise risk of fouling the eyepiece holder cross-screw or retaining strip.

The interior of the nosepiece is baffled to eliminate reflection and improve contrast. The nosepiece is also threaded to take standard 2 inch filters.

Note that a standard T-thread adapter for your particular brand of SLR is required.

The best 2" camera adaptor available

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